Clinical and surgeries strategies for reducing blood transfusions

Authors describe a case of ascending aortic aneurysm repair surgery, aortic valve replacement by bioprosthesis, CABG in a patient with chronic renal failure requiring hemodialysis. Due to various complications in the postoperative period progressed to SEVERE ANEMIA (2.9 g / dL hemoglobin), but the patient survived through the use of clinical and surgical strategies for conservation of his own blood, thus avoiding conventional treatment with homologous blood transfusions (someone else’s blood). It was possible to save the patient’s life with therapeutic options, other than donated blood.

Antonio Alceu Santos, Silva JP, Silva LF, Baumgratz JF, Vila JHA, Costa FAA, Lippi Neto E e StelaFAM. Sociedade Brasileira de Cardiologia • ISSN-0066-782X • Volume 104, Nº 1, Supl. 1, Janeiro 2015 Página 4