The importance of a multi-disciplinary team to reduce allogenic blood transfusions in cardiac surgeries

The authors describe the fundamental role of the PRACTITIONER (cardiologist), the ANESTHESIOLOGIST, the SURGEON and the INTENSIVE CARE doctor for the success of two serious surgeries without using allogenic blood (donated). First case: ACUTE DISSECTION OF THE ASCENDENT THORACIC AORTA (69mm diameter) and important
AORTIC VALVAR INSUFICIENCY. Second case: CORONARIAN ARTHERY DISEASE, important AORTIC STENOSIS (average gradient of 55mmHg), important MITRAL STENOSIS (valvar area 1.0 cm²), besides anemia and THROMBOCYTOPENIA (61 thousand/mm³). They conclude by saying that it is possible to perform large surgeries with high risk of bleeding without using donated blood (homologous).

Antonio Alceu Santos, Silva JP, Silva LF, Baumgratz JF, Vila JHA, Stela FAM, Lippi E, Costa FAA e Araújo JG. Arq Bras Cardiol 2015: 105(1 supl.1), pág 27.