Looking for a substitute to blood

The necessity to find a substance capable of substituting blood is so great that many consider this possible substitute as the “holy graal” of traumatology.

By: Marcos Camargo Knirsch, Bronislaw Polakiewicz and Attilio Converti

Published on 09/24/2015 | Updated on 09/25/2015



Anemia Treatment and Erythropoietin therapy Guidelines

Protocol based on scientific evidence for the non-transfusional treatment of anemia through the appropriate use of iron and erythropoietin.

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Blood transfusions are currently one of the most performed medical procedures in the world. However, the medical literature shows a relationship between the use of allogeneic (donated) blood and greater complications, including, greater mortality. Worldwide, there is a deficiency in medical knowledge about transfusion practice.


1. To change the current transfusion practice, through the application of scientifically safe and effective PROTOCOLS for the TREATMENT OF ANEMIA and MANAGEMENT OF BLEEDING without the use of allogeneic blood, based on the scientific evidence of modern medicine.

2. Help blood banks SAVE their main HEMOCOMPONENTS (red blood cells, plasma and platelets)